API Overview

The CrossBrowserTesting.com API allows you to implement our browser testing services within your own web and desktop applications via HTTP, enabling you to customize your website-testing process and workflow.

API Versions

The current API version is 3.0 for both Automated Screenshot Tests and Live Tests.

The version of the API is specified in the URL structure like so:


What can be done with API?

  • Run Live Tests: Take Snapshots, Record Videos, Record Network Packet Captures, and more
  • Retrieve Live Test results
  • Run Automated Screenshot Tests: Repeat full tests, Retake a single screenshot
  • Retrieve Screenshot Test results



Users must authenticate via Basic Authentication for every API request using their login credentials. Beggining with API version 3.0, users can use their authkey instead of their password.

Authentication can be achieved by passing the credentials in the URL, like:


Or, using a language implementation, like Linux "curl":

 curl --user username:authkey http://crossbrowsertesting.com/api/v3/livetests