Windows 10 & Microsoft Edge

Chrome Extension for Local Connection

Cancel Active Screenshots

We have had many users ask us for the ability to cancel screenshots single or for a whole test they just started. Today, we added this ability to the screenshot service, both in the UI and via our Screenshot API .

CANCEL SINGLE SCREENSHOT: When using our app, users can now hover over a single screenshot that is running and click the "cancel" button to stop the execution of the one browser test.

File uploads and selenium

One of our customers came to us with a question about testing with a file upload.

I quickly responded it was not possible with the way we clear out all of virtual machines. What is a great feature for privacy is not such a great feature for testing file uploads :(

But Henry ( see his site here ) was not convinced and came up with a fantastic solution.

This is the resource he passed me.

The Windows 10 Preview

We recently released the Windows 10 Insider Preview operating system for live testing on Windows 10 is the upcoming operating system that is currently scheduled to be released by Microsoft on July 29th. Within a year of its release, this operating system will be offered as a free upgrade for users on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Using SeBuilder with

We wanted to release an updated blog article on how to use the Selenium Builder Firefox Extension:

There are three video demos:

Using Selenium to automate browser extension testing

Selenium is a great way to automate your browser testing.

Recently we had a customer write in asking about how to test browser extensions with Selenium.

After some research and a few changes mainly for message size, we have it working.

Since we are using webdriver.Remote you need to get the extension to our servers. You do that by including the extension in the chrome options or the firefox profile. In both cases the binary extension ends up being sent along in the capabilities in base64 encoding.

Opera 26+ enabled for desktop screenshots

Today we released Opera 26 and 27 screenshots across Windows and Mac OS.

Up until now, Opera browsers were only supported for versions 11 and 12 by Selenium's browser-automation tool, hence those were the only ones we could offer for screenshots. Selenium support starts with version 26, therefore we are offering these two latest versions with our screenshot system.

Opera moved from their Presto-based browser engine to Chromium starting with version 15. There are no 13 and 14 versions of Opera.

Recording and playing back tests in Selenium Builder

We have released a CrossBrowserTesting plugin for Selenium Builder that allows you to record interactions with your site and play them back against any of the selenium enabled browsers at CrossBrowserTesting. This makes it easy to get started with Selenium scripting - you just point and click to record your script, saving individual scripts or test suites. You can then choose to execute these scripts against our remote browsers. To get started, check out

Phones per U - Achieving density with physical mobile devices in a 42U cabinet

We are a big believer in browser testing on the real devices, thus we offer real iPhones, iPads, and Android devices - not just simulators. Hosting these in a traditional server rack, however, is a challenge. As we have grown, we have evolved our techniques. We started out with dish racks. Yes, dish racks. Sitting on shelves in our 42U racks. Dish racks held the devices separate, similarly to the way it holds plates apart so they can dry, and worked pretty well for tablets (not so great for phones). You could put around 15 to 25 devices in a given shelf, and 4 shelves in a cabinet.

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