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API Version 2.0 Released

Now there's a new version of the API! We have taken in your suggestions, as well as attempted to more closely mirror the functionality of our web interface. View Documentation
What's new in this version:

Layout Comparisons for Screenshots - Beta!

Today we are pleased to release an addition to our automated screenshots system which offers the ability to compare and detect layout differences between browsers. This tool not only visually indicates where layout differences occur against a screenshot image but gives you the ability to see your web page renderings side-by-side, enabling you to find discrepancies more effectively.

Layout Comparison Page Example

Improved Screenshot Viewing

Today we've added a "lightbox" control to quickly view and navigate through each screenshot image on the results page. This removes the "Layout" choices for small, medium, and large which are no longer necessary. Now when you want to see the large scale result of your screenshot, you no longer have to click into another page, or change the layout and scroll down the page. We think this will make reviewing your screenshot results much simpler!

Improved screenshot view example

Improvements to Screenshot Test Results Page

We've added a couple of enhancements to our screenshot test results page that we think you'll find very useful!

As our screenshot engine processes a requested browser, the "windowed" screenshot is returned to the results page as soon as it's complete, meaning, screenshot images start appearing on the screen more quickly. Also, if the "fullpage" version fails for any reason, the "windowed" result is still available for review. In the case of a failure, your time will not be deducted against, so the "windowed" screenshot is on us.

Added URL check for HTTP Status on Screenshot Test launch page

In the past, we've noticed users running screenshot tests on pages that have issues being loaded in the requested browser. This then causes either failed screenshot results, or a screenshot of the browser showing the page could not be loaded for one reason or another.

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