jQuery UI and IE9

Do you use jQuery UI? Have you tested it with the IE9 Beta? You might want to. Microsoft seems to have made some fairly significant changes in their plumbing, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I was reading up on the issues over on the jQuery forums and it seems the root of most of the problems has to do with IE becoming more standards compliant. That's a good thing right? It is, but it may cause a few "hiccups" along the way.

If you're using jQuery UI, you might want to head on over to their forums and catch up with what's going on.

Happy testing...


WinXP SP3 added to testing configurations

If you haven't noticed yet, we added Windows XP SP3 to the list of configurations for testing. I broke some other things when I did it, but let's not dwell on that. As with several other features on the site, this addition was a direct result of a request from one of our users. We do listen, so please don't hesitate to ask for something or make suggestions. We love feedback and if you've ever left us comments, you know we take pride in being very responsive.

Please keep the comments coming. They help us make the service better for everyone.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

Kutenda review of

The guys at Kutenda did a video review of It does a great job of providing an overview of our service, explaining the value proposition for our business better than we do! To understand better what cross browser testing is all about, check it out at

CrossBrowserTesting adds a pool for summer - dive in!

What is summer time without a pool? We have been busy the last few months adding a pool at CrossBrowserTesting. Not a swimming pool... but a pool of prewarmed, ready to go live testing configurations. What does this do for you? It reduces the wait time when requesting a Windows XP, Vista, or Win 7 configuration from around 60 seconds to less than 30 seconds. It is a huge time saver!

Live tests, screenshots and videos, oh my!

Well the boys have outdone themselves this time. They just released a new feature that will be sure to impress. You now have the ability to record your live testing sessions! Just click the little film strip in the toolbar and you will start recording your session. When you are done, click it again. That's all there is to it. The videos are currently limited to 10 minutes and work on every configuration except the Win98 and Ubuntu ones.

I made a short video showing off the custom authentication feature for screenshots.

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

Yeah yeah, I know. This is a misquote from "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre." Sue me. ;-)

Well, we were thinkin' (always a scary prospect) and wondered if we DID need some stinkin' badges. I mean, you go through all the trouble of checking your designs and there should be a way for you to show your clients and users that you did all that work.

Here is a sample one to show you how it works:

W3C Validation Testing

Now our Automated Screenshot service provides W3C validation information for the provided test page! On the screenshot result page (see sample below), you will see a summary of any HTML and CSS validation errors/warnings with a link to the W3C validation website for detailed information.

This summary is also maintained for each version of screenshot tests you run. This means that as you review screenshot versions of your page, you can also review the number of W3C validation errors over time.

W3C Sample Image

Growing pains, they hurt so good...

On Saturday the 20th, we took the site down for about 10 hours (in case you didn't notice). What did you get for that? Not a lot that you can see now really, but you will soon. We disconnected and moved every piece of equipment to new racks. Why you ask? (I'm waiting for you to ask...)

More new features! Custom session timeout and session ready alert.

Here we go again. Someone writes in asking us to change the way something works and the boys in the back start tapping away at those keys and the next thing you know, I have to write a blog post. =)

New Feature! Add a delay before taking your screenshots.

Earlier this week, we had some customers ask if we could add a delay in before taking a screenshot. They needed time for some content to load and we thought it sounded like something other users might need as well so the boys in the back room got busy. We just added the feature in production today and it seems to do the trick nicely.

You can find this setting under the Advanced Options section for automated screenshots.

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