Adding Firebug, Web Developer Toolbar and IE Developer Toolbar to the configurations

We have received a lot of requests to add developer tools to the browsers, specifically Firebug and the IE developer toolbar. We had initially thought that we should keep the browsers as close to an end user state as possible. However, after having to explain this to the 100th+ customer, we decided that maybe we were wrong and should be listening to what our customers asked us for.

Cross browser checks of pages behind a user name / password

Screenshots are a great way to check your site for layout/appearance issues. You can set up a test in just a minute, let it run, then scan through the results to see if there are problems. If you see a problem, you can use the 'live test' link to launch a vnc session to the particular configuration you have the issue in, and work in a live session to correct it... Very nice, and a great workflow!

Why IE6 still matters, even if you do happen to be a cross browser testing company!

This post should more properly be titled 'How could we be so arrogant' - read on to discover why.

Windows 7 Updated

Whew! I finally got the Windows 7 configurations updated with some new browsers and tweaked them to boost performance. I'll be adding more configurations shortly, but if you haven't given this one a run yet, try it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!


First part of CrossBrowserTesting api released - automate your automatic screenshots

Our new api allows you to automatically trigger screenshots to run when needed. For example, lets say you have a script that pushes pages into production each night. You can modify that script to automatically tell to take screenshots of that page. You can then mail the screenshots of the updated page to your QC department when the test completes so they will be able to verify the layout.

You can view the cross browser testing api documentation.

Some details:
- We are using basic authentication to authenticate access to the api

Share your test results with customers and coworkers

Once you have found a cross browser issue with your site, you often need to communicate with others. Perhaps you need to send a screenshot of a page that renders incorrectly in IE to one of the developers or post a copy of it on twitter to see if any of your peers know a good work-around for the issue. Perhaps you need to send a link of a corrected web page to a customer.

Download your screenshots in a zipped file

Several customers have asked us to add the capability to download all the photos from an automated screenshot test all at once. We have added a zip download link to the bottom right of the view results screen which allows you to do this. Both the windowed and the full page screenshots are included in this file, and they are named so you can tell which operating system, browser, and resolution each screenshot was taken on.

windows 7 released sort of....

We had trouble getting Windows 7 running due to a problem with the display driver, and even now it is running slow. We are working on it with Vmware. We felt like it was important to get it out. So slow is better than nothing at all.

The longer story is... we use Vmware ESXI to power our site and the display driver + Windows 7 does not make for a happy combination.

Some of the links we used to work through our problems were

Live testing limit doubled!

We've had several customers ask about extending the 30 minute time limit on live tests. OK, done. The new limit is now an hour. Anything else? Seriously, we listen and encourage you to give us suggestions to improve our service. If you have one, let us know.

New cool bookmarklet

We have just added a cool bookmarklet that makes our site even easier to use for website compatibility testing. You can find it on the My Testing Center.

Once you install the bookmarklet, you can click on it to live test any site you are currently on!

What is really cool about the whole thing is how it can change your workflow in testing. You can work on a site and get it to your liking and two clicks later you can look at that site in IE6, Opera or Chrome. You can even run screenshots.

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