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Microsoft Edge

Testing Internet Explorer Just Got Less Annoying

Test on the most accurate versions of Internet Explorer and Edge. Automate, simulate and debug in our device cloud, so you don't need to maintain your own.

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Testing Internet Explorer Just Got Less Annoying

A Superior, Native Internet Explorer
And Edge Experience

Debug and deploy faster with our native debugging tools and browser controls on the lastet versions of IE and Edge.

Full Access To Internet Explorer

Customize the test session to fit your needs. Change browser settings, alter cache and cookies, or install a specific version of Flash.

Real IE & Edge Debugging Tools

Debug and edit your website or application's JavaScript, CSS or Network Packets with native IE Developer Tools.

Lightning Fast Remote Access

Run tests across almost any browser in just a few seconds. Enter your URL, and pick from OS, Devices, Browser, and Resolutions

Debug IE And Edge So Your Customers Don't Have To.

We have Internet 9, 10, 11 and Edge. We even have Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8. Take screenshots, run Selenium against, or Live Test each browser to make sure your website or application is working as it should.

Don't Let Testing IE Or Edge Delay Deployments

Get rid of your expensive device labs & RemoteIE and get instant access to real Edge and Internet Explorer 6-11 browsers.

Screenshots From IE 6 - Edge

With CBT, take full-page screenshots across every instance of Internet Explorer and Edge at one time for easier debugging.

Secure, Local Testing

Perfect for enterprise and development environemtns, test locally on your network, behind firewalls or across a proxy server.

Powerful Reporting

Use snapshots and videos to record testing sessions and note bugs you find. Or use our powerful REST API for even further reporting.

Visually Testing IE Has Never Been Simpler.

Use Selenium, Appium and other testing frameworks to automate your Internet Explorer Testing. With over 1500 devices, you'll never need to maintain or buy a device lab again.

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