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Solo Yearly

$ 29 / month
$348 paid annually
1 Users
Unlimited Manual Live Testing
150 min/month Automated Testing
2 parallel Max Concurrent Tests
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Pro Yearly

$ 79 / month
$948 paid annually
5 Users
Unlimited Manual Live Testing
600 min/month Automated Testing
5 parallel Max Concurrent Tests
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Team Yearly

$ 119 / month
$1,428 paid annually
10 Users
Unlimited Manual Live Testing
1300 min/month Automated Testing
10 parallel Max Concurrent Tests
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Team Plus Yearly

$ 159 / month
$1,908 paid annually
15 Users
Unlimited Manual Live Testing
2000 min/month Automated Testing
15 parallel Max Concurrent Tests
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Business Yearly

$ 199 / month
$2,388 paid annually
25 Users
Unlimited Manual Live Testing
3000 min/month Automated Testing
20 parallel Max Concurrent Tests
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Enterprise Teams

Custom Pricing

Built to meet your needs
Custom Users
Unlimited Manual Live Testing
Custom Automated Testing
Custom Max Concurrent Tests
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All of our plans come with these industry-leading features.

  • 1500+ Configs (and counting!)
  • Real iOS and Androids
  • Unlimited Live Testing
  • Local Testing
  • Automated Screenshots
  • Screenshot Comparisons
  • Selenium/Appium Testing
  • Javascript Unit Testing
  • Full API Access

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Open Source
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of payments does CBT accept?

We accept payment by credit card or PayPal for all plans. For Professional Yearly and above, we accept invoices for wires, ACH, or checks - contact sales. For a reciept, head to you your Account tab and click "View Purchases".

What Is Parallel or Concurrent Testing?

Parallel testing here means running automated tests against more than one configuration at once. Running your entire test case against multiple browsers in parallel can greatly reduce the time it takes to perform your cross-platform tests.

What Parts Of CBT Use Minutes

Testing is measured by minutes when you are running automated testing via our REST API, Selenium, Appium, or Screenshot System against CBT's device cloud.

How can I upgrade my plan?

Upgrading a plan is simple. Just select the ‘Change Plan' button above the pricing table in the 'Manage Account' page of our app. When you pay, you'll only pay the difference for your new plan.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your subscription at any time to avoid being charged automatically. You will still have access to your subscription until your current usage cycle is over.

What Parts Of CBT Are Unlimited

Testing is unlimited when using our Live Testing features, including taking snapshots and recording videos of each session. Also, time spent using our Comparison Engine does not count against your minutes.

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“We've used the service regularly since March of 2008 and fallen in love. It's fast, easy to use and affordable.”

President, Scrapbook.com

“Never again will anyone need to house multiple old computers just to test their designs in multiple browsers.”

President & CTO, V Digital Studios

“This is the only service we found that allows you to navigate your own website and do true testing.”

CEO, eDirect Publishing, Inc.

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