Accelerate Your Selenium Test Suites by 3 Times with Headless Browsers
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Headless Automated Testing

Triple your Selenium Test Suite throughput with Headless Browsers

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Empower developers and testers to validate your code faster and earlier in the development process

Accelerate Selenium Results

Headless browser testing and increased parallelism allow you to accelerate your test suite by 3x, and is ideal for component tests, sanity checks, smoke tests and more.

Increase Developer Velocity

Free up developer time by cutting the time they spend testing by up to two-thirds. Help them spend more time developing and less time waiting.

Cover 70% of Browser Usage

Chrome and Firefox are available for Headless testing, and represent significant coverage of browser usage – perfect for quick validation of your web app.

Find Issues Earlier

Shift Browser Testing Left

Your Agile or CI/CD testing cycles are tight, and you need developers to be confident their code won’t break across browsers before they check it in. Help them validate changes quickly and easily with the most popular browsers. Run Selenium scripts on headless browsers in the cloud for rapid cross-browser feedback to nip problems in the bud.

Find Issues Earlier
Complete Test Suites Faster

Complete Test Suites Faster

Test with 3X the Throughput

You need to provide the right test coverage for the environments your customers are using. Give your testing team more efficient options so they can do more with your testing windows. Cut the time needed to run cross-browser testing suites by up to 2/3 using headless browser testing in the cloud, and repurpose the time saved for other testing needs.

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See all of our integrations like Jenkins & TeamCity.


See all of our integrations like Jenkins & TeamCity.

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