Happy New Year from CrossBrowserTesting!

Happy New Year from CrossBrowserTesting. We had a great year and hopefully you did too!

We took some time today to gather up the session data and make some info graphics based on frequency of the requested operating systems.

Then for browsers.

Happy Testing!

Cross Browser Video in a Flash....errr, MP4

Video recordings of tests are now available as MP4s! Several users reported the need for viewing and downloading videos in a more cross-browser friendly format and we agreed.

Since MP4s are supported by the HTML5 video element, this enables devices that do not support Flash, like iOS devices, to playback the video in their browsers. MP4s are also a more broadly supported technology which makes them easier to download and share without special software to view them.

API Documentation Updated with is an API framework that allows developers to describe a RESTful API in JSON. With this Swagger definition, client SDKs can be automatically generated across several languages. In addition to this benefit, having a Swagger definition will allow the automatic creation of API documentation and enable API testing tools to automatically have knowledge of the API by importing the Swagger definition. Thus, you can now test API calls on the API documentation's UI.

API Documention Overview
API Documention Live Tests

HTTPS everywhere! is now served via https. Both the app ( and the main site ( have been modified so they are served by default over secure https. Our default method sending the live test data and running local tunnels was already using wss (WebSocket Secure) connection, so the entire service is now communicated via encrypted traffic.

Crossbrowsertesting sponser tech camp!

We are super happy to have sponsered Techcamp 2015 Memphis.

We had a great time at the conference and look forward to doing it all again next year. Check out all the photos. Thanks to Brad Montgomery for all the great pics.

Screenshot Comparison API released

We've released a new API for calling our Screenshot Comparison process and retrieving layout differences programmatically. Many of our customers have asked for programmatic access to these results outside of the UI. We've also added some additional functionality such that users can now call comparisons against any two screenshots from any of their tests, or compare an older test to a newer one in parallel for regression testing.

To learn about the API and begin implementing it into your work flow, see the Comparison API documentation

Windows 10 & Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is now available!

Windows 10 is released and with it comes a new browser — Microsoft Edge. Windows 10 is a free update for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users, so Edge is poised to become a heavily used browser. Does your site work and render properly on it?

Chrome Extension for Local Connection

For Google Chrome users who need to test internal HTML files or websites, we’ve implemented a new option in response to Google disabling NPAPI plugins. In addition to using the Java applet or a command line interface to enable a local connection, another option is to use the CrossBrowserTesting Local Connection Chrome extension.

Cancel Active Screenshots

We have had many users ask us for the ability to cancel screenshots single or for a whole test they just started. Today, we added this ability to the screenshot service, both in the UI and via our Screenshot API .

CANCEL SINGLE SCREENSHOT: When using our app, users can now hover over a single screenshot that is running and click the "cancel" button to stop the execution of the one browser test.

File uploads and selenium

One of our customers came to us with a question about testing with a file upload.

I quickly responded it was not possible with the way we clear out all of virtual machines. What is a great feature for privacy is not such a great feature for testing file uploads :(

But Henry ( see his site here ) was not convinced and came up with a fantastic solution.

This is the resource he passed me.

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