Test local files or web servers behind your firewall

We have added the ability to test any of your web designs or web apps, no matter where they are located. They can be on a development web server behind your firewall, they can be html files sitting on your desktop - if you have access to browse to these web pages, then you can test them with CrossBrowserTesting. You can now use the power of our hundred plus browsers installed across Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and mobile configurations to test both public and private pages. These 'internal' pages can be tested with both the automated screenshot engine and the live, interactive testing.

We have a lot of technical detail in this article, but here is the Reader's Digest version:
1) Click on the local connection button.
2) Pick whether you want to test internal web sites, or test a file on your desktop.
3) Connect, and start testing!
It literally only takes a few seconds to setup the local connection and begin testing.

Example of a connection:

With the introduction of local connections, CrossBrowserTesting.com is the only browser testing service with all the following:
- Ability to test any web pages, whether they are located on the public Internet, your local intranet, or your desktop.
- Real consumer OSs. We use Win Xp, Vista, Win 7... not Windows Server 2003 or 2007... just like your actual consumers. Being able to closely match your consumer's environment when reproducing issues is important.
- Ability to run automatic screenshots across multiple browsers / OSs to look for rendering issues, and the ability to launch directly to a 'live test' of any screenshots that have issues. We are the only browser testing company with this unique workflow between the screenshot and the live test system.
- Extensive Platforms - support for multiple flavors of Windows, Macs, Ubuntu, and Mobile Platforms.

Check out our full demo of testing a local html file on your desktop.

We are excited about this new release. As you use it, please provide us with feedback!


Recently purchased a used

Recently purchased a used unit ( http://www.spectra.com/EMC/used-system/5/index.htm ) and I seem to have issues on my firewall when enabled. Does this have something to do with the security set up. Any insight would definitely help.