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Looking for an alternative to BrowserStack?

Enable your entire testing team to run manual, visual, and automated tests on real desktop and mobile browsers without having to pay extra.

Join thousands of happy testers who have made the switch.

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What You'll Get CrossBrowserTesting Unlimited 5 BrowserStack Automate Mobile 5
Automated Parallels 5 5
Automated Minutes Unlimited Unlimited
Manual Parallels 10 5
Real iOS & Android
Pricing $500 $999

Automated, Visual, and Live testing on Real iOS & Android

We have real device testing for manual, visual, and automated testing on our cloud platform. Other services only allow the use of real devices while manually testing, making your automated tests and screenshots less accurate as they'll be run on simulators or emulators.

Real Devices bring the highest level of accuracy to the table when running your Selenium Tests or Automated Screenshots and you'll get them at CrossBrowserTesting.

I can’t imagine a world before CrossBrowserTesting because that would be a prehistoric way of doing user and acceptance testing. It would be incomplete; the browsers and devices would be a subset of what our users have.
Vik Chaudhary
Vik Chaudhary
CEO at Onboardify

Visual Testing We Use Ourselves.

When we built our Automated Screenshot and Comparison engine, we decided to build a service that we couldn't deploy without. And that is exactly what our automated screenshot engine has become to thousands of users.

Run screenshots across hundreds of browsers at once, creating the ultimate smoke testing experience. Or use it as the fastest, easiest way to do responsive layout testing, seeing your website on multiple mobile devices at once.

Everything you need for testing on the web. Browsers & Devices included.

We have features to match the needs of any testing team.

Grid In The Cloud

Our Selenium and Appium cloud testing grid allows your engineering team to truly scale at the speed automation has always promised.

Automated Testing Platform

Simple CI Integrations

CrossBrowserTesting fits right inside your CI process with integrations with great tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, GitHub, Jira and more.

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Native Debugging Tools

You'll have full access to great developer tools and extensions like FireBug, Chrome Dev tools and more.

Real iOS and Android

Get access to real mobile devices for both manual and automated testing. Test on the devices your customers are actually using.

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The Largest Test Coverage

With 2050+ different configurations, you can test and debug every edge case your customers or test team can possibly come up with.

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Intuitive REST API

Our easy to consume REST API allows you to access almost our entire app from your command line.

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