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Case Study:
cleverbridge Uses CrossBrowserTesting to Support and Scale a Global Customer Base

When web developer Maggie Jones was tasked with generating a dynamic front-end testing strategy for cleverbridge’s checkout design, she realized she needed a solution that would allow her and her team to automate across numerous browser and country configurations more easily.

After considering multiple options for automated testing, cleverbridge implemented CrossBrowserTesting. Since using the platform, they’ve experienced a notable impact in:

  • Internal team communication across Development and QA
  • Keeping up with the release of new browsers and maintain tests
  • Cutting down testing time, allowing developers to focus on other tasks

cleverbridge's Challenges

Before CrossBrowserTesting, testing at cleverbridge was mostly done manually by logging into virtual machines in order to access different OS and browser combinations.

Not only was it proving cumbersome to manually execute multiple test cases that required different currencies, languages, customized address fields, and payment options, but it was also difficult to run those across the necessary browser configurations while staying on top of new browser releases.

Since browser, device, and OS preferences largely vary on geographic position, having a global customer base also means that a global cross-browser testing strategy would be a crucial part of a successful solution.

Maintenance issues were also accounting for an increasing amount of lost time in productivity. Browser releases required updating and patching automation scripts to make sure new features worked in current versions, while still needing to support legacy browsers.

Maggie Jones
Maggie Jones
Developer, cleverbridge

Based in Cologne, Germany with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, and Tokyo, cleverbridge operate as an international company that’s truly an asset for customers global expansion. However, supporting so many diverse test cases across their client’s customers different browsers proved incredibly time consuming for cleverbridge developers.


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Products Used:

Why Us?

  • Wide selection of desktop & mobile browsers
  • Ability for entire team to Live Test

A Search for a Solution

Jones and her team began pursuing some options for automated cross-browser testing that also could compete on live testing, visual testing, customer support, unlimited minutes, and price.

After trying competitors’ platforms, she realized she was paying way too much for services that had minimal technical support and were lacking the functionality to both automate tests and manually debug across browsers. CrossBrowserTesting, however, was a whole new experience.

How We Helped

This made the transition easy for the entire team, allowing them to easily integrate CrossBrowserTesting into their development cycle so they could focus more on writing front-end code and providing user-friendly experiences rather than chasing down different browser-specific issues.

Not only did CrossBrowserTesting provide a platform for test automation, it also gave cleverbridge a more accurate way to fix bugs on the spot. Through Live Testing, Jones and her team have been able to easily and immediately replicate bugs on any of the browsers their customers use to troubleshoot problems.

CrossBrowserTesting’s debugging tools have been invaluable when bugs are indentified and their development team is tasked with finding a fix. Having the ability to debug both on mobile devices and desktop browsers and then actually edit the code in native developer tools was a huge plus for the development team, and has helped speed their entire debugging endeavor.

Additionally, cleverbridge has found that CrossBrowserTesting’s dedication to updating features and responding to feedback has been invaluable for development team. By accommodating recent browser releases, customer feedback, app updates, and new features, CrossBrowserTesting provided a cloud that is constantly optimized so cleverbridge employees wouldn’t have to worry about access to a device lab.

“We have estimated that by transitioning to automated front-end visual testing and by having easy access to so many browser/OS combinations we are saving at least 27 hours a week in manual work hours”

Maggie Jones

Developer, cleverbridge

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CrossBrowserTesting simultaneously allowed cleverbridge to increase testing coverage while saving valuable time. Developers are now about to focus on coding new features, fixing bugs, building on the front-end, and meeting customer feedback rather than manually running ever test case on numerous browsers.

Additionally, it’s easier for developers to debug and meet feedback by reproducing bugs on any of the thousands of configurations at their disposal. No matter where in the world customers are coming from, developers can work more confidently knowing that any problem can be instantly handled by replicating the test environment exactly to see what their users are seeing.

Not only has this made their day-to-day job easier, but it’s also affected more satisfied customers. With CrossBrowserTesting, cleverbridge has been afforded the opportunity to grow as an organization with a higher quality web presence, more frequent testing integrations, increased iterations, and elevated global support – all without the burden of managing a device lab.