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Case Study:
How Onboardify Found The Perfect Cross-Browser Testing Platform

Vik Chaudhary has used CrossBrowserTesting at the last three companies he’s worked for. In fact, in his latest position as the CEO and Founder of Onboardify, CrossBrowserTesting was the very first application the company bought due to his predisposed affinity. While it’s hard for Chaudhary to even remember what testing was like without CrossBrowserTesting, he can attest to a noticeable impact in:

  • Internal team communication across Development and QA
  • More effectively and efficiently addressing customer service and bug reports
  • Building, ensuring, and maintaining a high-quality product and website for every customer across browsers and devices

Onboardify's Challenges

With thousands of clients, users trust Onboardify to configure with the apps they already use to help improve team collaboration and customer service.

Similarly, Onboardify has always prioritized providing a top-notch user experience for their customers as well as ensuring effective communication among their teams.

In order to do this, they needed to align Development and QA more closely to clarify problems and resolve issues more quickly.

“The biggest challenge is efficiency, and ensuring the people who decide on what a customer problem is don’t spend hours or days trying to decide if a problem is a problem -- that’s really critical when you’re a company moving in an Agile way,” said Chaudhary.

Developers would say, “It works for me; I don’t see a problem. It works on my computer,” but QA would be experiencing something different.

Additionally, having remote employees could make getting all team members on the same page difficult when they’re all in different time zones.

Vik Chaudhary
Vik Chaudhary
CEO, Onboardify

Onboardify is the fastest way to communicate with prospects, customers, and partners through multiple communication channels including email, web applications, and messaging.

San Fransisco


Products Used:

Why Us?

  • Wide selection of desktop & mobile browsers
  • Ability for entire team to Live Test

How We Helped

“As CEO and specifically when it comes to QA, we look at it from a customer lens, “How do we look at our products with the eyes of the customers?” There’s unit testing, back end development, but the most critical part of what we do for QA is user testing, and that’s where CrossBrowserTesting comes in for us.”

Chaudhary has found that between live testing, screen shots, and automation, his teams are able to accomplish all of their tasks on the machines they need, from testing to web development.

Not only that, but as someone who focuses heavily on user experience, Chaudhary felt like the competitors just didn’t stack up. “The service must respond fast, it must load quickly, the usability has to be good, and CrossBrowserTesting does all of those things.

CrossBrowserTesting is actually a product that has just the right feature set -- it doesn’t over-engineer or over-complicate, it has just the right amount of tools and it’s fast. That combination makes it just the right product”

This made it easy for Chaudhary to bring CrossBrowserTesting with him across different companies, and made onboarding easy at Onboardify even with remote workers.

ROI and Future Plans in Automation

Chaudhary says the ROI of CrossBrowserTesting is apparent immediately.

“Pinpointing customer feedback and taking action is hard,” he said.

“As soon as you have your first disagreement between the Development team, Customer Service, and QA as to whether a problem is a problem, the product practically pays for itself in seconds. It’s a no-brainer.”

And, while Chaudhary and the rest of the Onboardify team enjoys automated testing and screenshots, he wants to work on becoming more automated in the near future.

“We hope to integrate automation even further, and it’s great to know we have that ability with CBT.”

Moreover, Chaudhary emphasizes that he places a lot of trust in CrossBrowserTesting to provide the testing support he needs today, as well as in the future.

As devices, browsers, and operating systems become more plentiful and dispersed, Chaudhary has been able to rely on CrossBrowserTesting to continuously update configurations and integrations to allow for complete testing throughout the years.

“I can’t imagine a world before CrossBrowserTesting because that would be a prehistoric way of doing user and acceptance testing. It would be incomplete; the browsers and devices would be a subset of what our users have.”

Vik Chaudhary

CEO, Onboardify

Chaudhary's Last Words of Advice

“Cross-browser and device testing require you to think outside of the box and think about the customer,” says Chaudhary.

“Which devices are they coming from? What’s the quality when they come to your website? There are many different factors, and being able to reduce the time it takes to validate the user experience is absolutely critical for building a high-quality product.

“The biggest issue Development and Product teams have is that they don’t know what bugs occurs on devices they don’t have access to.”

“Our business is all about helping you as company talk to your customers. We feel strongly about CrossBrowserTesting -- the mission of our company is completely in sync with CrossBrowserTesting’s mission of making your site better for your customers.”

Vik Chaudhary

CEO, Onboardify