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Lettuce is a BDD framework made from the likes of Cucumber, but for Python. Now, Business and Product Owners, Developers, and Testers can write easy to understand test cases and automate them across 1500+ browsers.

Feature: Authentication
In order to protect private information
As a registered user
I want to log in to the admin portal
Scenario: I enter my password correctly

Given the user "Jack" exists with password "password"
And I am at "/login/"
When I fill in "Login" with "Jack"
And I fill in "Password" with "password"
And I press "Login"
Then I should be at "/portal/"
And I should see "Welcome to the admin portal"

Define & Test Business Scenarios

Behavior Driven Testing and Development catches business critical bugs earlier

Improve Collaboration For The Team

Maximize communication throughout the team as business owners can write tests

Test In Your Favorite Language

Lettuce brings the power of Cucumber to Python, an easy to learn scripting language