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Create Automated Tests Faster Than Ever with Codeless Record and Replay

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Record Your Test Flow In Minutes, Then Replay It Back On Hundreds Of Browsers.

Easily Record Your Test Scenario

Codeless test automation brings the power of Selenium and it's end-to-end testing capabilties to the entire team - maximizing your team's productivity and speed.

Replay Scripts as a Suite

Once your tests are recorded, you can run your tests in parallel to reduce your test execution time and increase your browser coverage! Run hundreds of tests at once to cut hours of testing to minutes.

Edit Recorded Steps Quickly

You can easily change out steps in your test to keep your testing scalable. When you change your UI, you can make that same change in your test script without having to record your script again.

Codeless Automation Testing

Powerful end-to-end automated testing for the entire team.
No coding required.

Now the entire team can take part in testing your website or application - developers, testers, designers, even marketers! Record and Replay is the simplest way to start creating robust, maintainable, and scalable tests across hundreds of browsers.

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Easy Bulk Regression Testing

Powerful step editing makes test maintenance simple and efficient.

With Record & Replay Suites, testing your web applications over time is now easier then ever. You can add up to 10 scripts to run against dozens of browser configurations, in parallel, for rapid regression testing.

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