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Take Your Selenium Testing To The Cloud,
And Experience A Faster, Hassle Free Selenium Grid

Run all of your Selenium, Appium, and other tests in parallel in the cloud on real browsers & mobile devices.
Let us replace your device lab with our reliable, secure browser testing platform.

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Selenium WebDriver Testing

A No-Hassle Testing Grid Built For Speed, Security, And Reliablity.

Real Android & iOS

InspectorTest the real thing. Run all of your Selenium tests against real desktop browsers and your Appium tests against real iOS and Android devices. Get test coverage that simulates your real users.

Parallel Testing

InspectorMaximize your testing speed and minimize the time between deployments because of long test cycles. Parallel testing lets you test more, in less time, to scale your test automation needs.

Video & Snapshot Debugging

InspectorGet fast feedback from your QA to Development team with snapshots and video recordings of your testing session. Take snapshots exactly when a test step fails for easier retraceibility.

Test Locally Or Behind Your Firewall

InspectorTest in our cloud against local files, across a proxy, or behind your company's firewall with a simple Chrome extenstion or our NodeJS tunnel.

Real Android & iOSParallel TestingVideo & Snapshot DebuggingTest Locally Or Behind Your Firewall

Works Great With These Test Frameworks & Integrations:

Frequently Asked Questions

How We Boost Your Selenium Testing

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  • Access To Real Devices

    Yes, these are actual, physical iOS and Android devices we have in our data centers. Because of this, you can test gesture commands, responsiveness, and other capabilities.

  • A Guiding Hand In Automation

    We have an incredibly talented customer success team waiting to answer your questions, ranging from billing to helping you fix a CSS selector in your Selenium script.

  • Local Testing and Tunnel

    With our Chrome extension, or our NodeJS tunnel, we make it simple to test securely behind your company's firewall, across a proxy, or locally on your machine.

  • Recording and Debugging

    Record high-def video and network packets during your test, take screenshots upon failures and share these artifacts with team members via Slack, Hipchat, or Jira.

The All-In-One Browser Testing Platform

One solution for all the testing needs of the modern Developer, Tester, and Designer.

  • Test Manually

    Interactively use, test, and debug your app on remote browsers and devices, with access to native settings, inspection tools, and more.

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  • Take Screenshots

    Capture full-page screenshots of your website across different browsers and devices at one time, then share with stakeholders.

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  • Visually Compare

    Our comparison engine compares your webpages side by side across different browsers at one time, or over a historical timeline.

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  • Automate It All

    Run Selenium, Appium, and other open source testing frameworks against our collection of real devices and browser, right in the cloud.

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