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The easiest way to do manual & automated testing on
real mobile devices and browsers.

Your customers use hundreds of different browsers.
Make sure you're testing all of them.

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Fast, Easy Testing On Real Browsers. Just Like The Ones Your Customers Use.

Automated Testing

InspectorRun all your automated Selenium, Appium, Protractor, and other automated tests in the cloud. Test faster when you run tests in parallel against more browsers and devices than you ever thought possible.

Manual Testing

InspectorRemote access to over 1500+ real browsers and mobile devices makes manual and exploratory testing simple. Easily inspect and correct HTML, CSS, and JavaScript errors, then share on Jira or Slack.

Visual Testing

InspectorTake automated screenshots across multiple browsers at once, then compare side-by-side against historical test runs creating powerful visual regression tests.

Real Devices

InspectorWith CrossBrowserTesting's cloud platform, feel confident as you test on Real iOS and Android devices. Run all types of tests against our physical devices, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

We have estimated that by transitioning to automated front-end visual testing and by having easy access to so many browser/OS combinations we are saving at least 27 hours a week in manual work hours.

Maggie Jones, Web Developer Maggie Jones, Web Developer

Automated TestingManual TestingVisual TestingReal Devices
Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes CrossBrowserTesting Different?

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  • Real Devices & Browsers

    Yes, these are actual, physical iOS and Android devices we have in our data centers. Because of this, you can test gesture commands, responsiveness, and other capabilities.

  • Top-notch Technical Support

    We have an incredibly talented customer success team waiting to answer your questions, ranging from billing to helping you fix a CSS selector in your Selenium script.

  • Easy, Secure Local Testing

    With our Chrome extension, or our NodeJS tunnel, we make it simple to test securely behind your company'sfirewall, across a proxy, or locally on your machine.

  • Wide Automation Support

    You can run your Selenium, Appium and unit tests across all of our remote devices. You can also run these tests using frameworks like Mocha, Protractor, and others.

The All-In-One Browser Testing Platform

One solution for all the testing needs of the modern Developer, Tester, and Designer.

  • Test Manually

    Interactively use, test, and debug your app on remote browsers and devices, with access to native settings, inspection tools, and more.

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  • Take Screenshots

    Capture full-page screenshots of your website across different browsers and devices at one time, then share with stakeholders.

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  • Visually Compare

    Our comparison engine compares your webpages side by side across different browsers at one time, or over a historical timeline.

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  • Automate It All

    Run Selenium, Appium, and other open source testing frameworks against our collection of real devices and browser, right in the cloud.

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