Welcome to our Open Source Offering
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Welcome to our Open Source Offering

We are huge fans of the Open Source community!

As contributors of Open Source projects ourselves, we know how important affordable testing and development tools can be to squash any bugs...before you release!

We’d Like to Arm You With:

CrossBrowserTesting is the universal platform for all of your UI functional testing needs, removing the need to switch between multiple tools.

Remotely access over 2050 different real desktop and mobile browsers, making your testing experience as real as it gets.

Mike Bowen

Native debugging tools make it easy to inspect and correct HTML, CSS, and JavaScript errors on any browser.

Thousands of developers, including Google's own services, use Material Design Components for the Web. CrossBrowserTesting gives us confidence that our components will render consistently in every browser we support by helping us catch visual regressions early in the development process. Our automated Selenium tests run in a fraction of the time it takes to manually test our components, so we can spend more time building great user experiences and less time triaging bugs.
Andy Dvorak
Andy Dvorak
Software Engineer at Google
CrossBrowserTesting has helped my team save days of testing for every release. We’re also able to deliver to our customers with confidence since all of our testing is done on real devices, which allows us to catch visual regressions immediately. Not only is the product great, the support is on another level. Our team receives answers within hours to any of our questions, allowing us to provide quicker feedback to the developers and get back to what we love to do—build new features to help make our customers’ lives easier.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Quality Assurance Engineer
Andy Dvorak
Anonymous User

Three Steps to Applying

  • 1

    Your code must be public and have any open source license

  • 2

    Promote our logo on your GitHub page and website that link back to CrossBrowserTesting

  • 3

    Apply to our open source plan (Right Below!)

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We offer free manual and automated testing for Open Source projects. Why? Because we are huge fans of the Open Source community. As contributors to Open Source projects ourselves, we know how important affordable testing and dev tools can be. Just give us your project's URL and a short description.