Customer Testimonials

Lucidus Corporation is by far the most powerful, usable (and affordable) testing system we have used. We tried numerous other browser testing services and kept coming to the same conclusion, static screen captures were not sufficient to test site functionality (and not just that the design looked right). allows us to use a VNC client on-demand and test all of the platforms important to us. They are continually improving the product and genuinely care about customer feedback. I would not hesitate to recommend
Neil Giarratana, President
Lucidus Corporation - Internet Strategy & Services

eDirect Publishing, Inc.

Our company does a great deal of web design for our own commerce related websites. We live or die on our ability to optimize consumer usability and conversion. It's always been challenging for us to maintain different servers with different operating systems and browser versions for testing. It's become even harder to keep up in more recent years with so many different browsers and OS releases actively used by large sections of our site visitors. Until we found, we sadly would often learn the "hard way" that our websites looked terrible or simply didn't function right for some portions of our customer base.

We investigated other tools in the past but they would simply take a snapshot of a single page in several different browser/OS combinations. This is the only one we found that would allow you to navigate your own website and do true testing, which makes all the difference in the world to us. Now that my developers have this tool at their disposal, they're highly motivated to make sure our services work well for everyone, completely on their own initiative. I have to admit, I secretly thought they may have a bias for only developing for their favorite tools. But it turns out I was wrong. Now that they have the right tool to do the job, they won't release a project without using it.

For the price it's a no-brainer versus trying to maintain it all ourselves, and the company has been highly responsive to our questions and open to our suggestions. We simply think anyone who designs websites as part of their business, large or small, will save time and money using this service. I know we have.

Lee Marc
eDirect Publishing, Inc.

As the browser war heated up, and has AJAX applications gained popularity, it became increasingly difficult for our developers and designers to build sites and applications that worked and looked the same in all browsers. It was difficult, if not impossible, for us to test every browser and operating system. In other words, before we found we spent a lot of time ripping our hair out. We've used the service regularly since March of 2008 and fallen in love. It's fast, easy to use and affordable.

McKane Davis

Focus Worldwide TV Network

I work with a lot of users that have older systems, and it is invaluable to be able to see how browsers will interact with newer technologies.

Michael Roberts, Jr.
Focus Worldwide TV Network

Roxy says:

Thank you for your service. I had been using another testing service and was frustrated by day-long loading times and other assorted disappointments. In shopping for a better solution, I found yours to be the best! I am impressed with the live testing, which was useful for a recent project where the client was concerned about horizontal scrolling. Your prices are lower than the competition and I'm getting a better product. Thanks!

V | Digital Studios

Your service is an absolute life saver. Never again will anyone need to house multiple old computers just to test their designs in multiple browsers. With a simple click of a button we could now test our websites on any browser with any configuration thanks to


Nenad Plavsic
President & CTO
V Digital Studios


The service is better than Adobe's browser lab - far better. How come Adobe gets all the attention? Yours is the best of the 4 or 5 I found, and also, it came recommended as the best one as well from a couple of pages that came up from google searches. I would have used Adobe's if it had been adequate, but it wasn't.

Having automatic screenshots in a minute on 10 or so OS/browser environments by clicking a button - that can't be beat. Especially with a single page of thumbnail results, with a publicy-available URL for both thumbnails and the full images. With the ability to actually log into any of those OS/browser environments via the live testing to dig deeper where flaws are seen ... that is ideal.

Dan Nissenbaum

First Crescent

This site has been a bug-a-boo. The owner of the company is using Windows XP sp2 IE7, so it has been a challenge getting it to work on his system. I think we are finally there thanks to crossbrowser testing.

Stan Krome
found First Crescent

English Without Accent

Using has exposed a serious flaw in our software! I cannot say enough positive things about being able to test your website application in such a wide assortment of browsers and platforms, especially mac!

Translation - you guys just saved my hide.....!

One thing i appreciate the MOST about your service is the ability to load java apps in the mac environment. This service alone makes crossbrowsertesting unique among your competitors (but dont raise prices please :-)

Mark Edwards

Ecopixel, LLC

You've heard it from me before, but I just wanted to say again: you rock. In 16 minutes today I did both a live test in every Mac browser AND ran two sets of screen shots on multiple configurations. The screen shots loaded almost immediately. With every other service I've used, after those 16 minutes I'd still be waiting for half the screen shots to come up (if they loaded at all). Our Web design and CMS hosting customers count on us to keep their sites looking--and working--great for all visitors. Your service helps us achieve that every time we use it.

Paul Hansen
Owner and Web site designer
Ecopixel, LLC

Pathfinder Development

Having the new mobile platform environments to test has firmly established your service as the best one. Compliments on the quality of extended platforms.

Lead Flex Developer

Check out the video review by Pathfinder Development at

Barandi Solutions

You are doing a great job. It is altogether a nice user experience. Highly satisfied! Much appreciated!!

Andrei Barabas

Wonderful! Thank you for providing a fantastic service.

Designing complicated front-end web solutions can be a nightmare with all of the browser quirks out there and your service is a Godsend. delivers!


Zac Gribble

Renegade Internet, Inc.

I ran some live tests yesterday and was impressed with everything. I was able to debug and fix an HTTPS/SSL issue pretty quickly that a client reported that was only happening with Windows Vista and Windows 7 using Internet Explorer 7/8. I'm definitely going to be keeping my account after the trial. For years I've had a bunch of Virtual PC instances with various OS/browser configs, but I recently lost them due to a disk crash. Figures the one disk I didn't have backed up or in a RAID configuration would be the one to crash. I wasn't looking forward to wasting hours/days rebuilding all of those Virtual PC's and now I don't have to since I found your service.

Mike Cherichetti
Renegade Internet, Inc

ProEdge Skills, Inc.

I wish we had found CrossBrowserTesting sooner. We hired “professionals” to test our site and got nothing but headaches and lost time and money. We decided to use this service and instantly got much better feedback at a fraction of the cost in time and money that allowed us to make decisions about what to fix and what not to fix. Result- we went live sooner. This service is fast, thorough, and an excellent value. The combination of screen shots, live browser tests, and error reports is a complete 360 degree check. Can’t recommend enough.

Mary Sandro

tehkseven is by far the best solution I've found to test my websites, on multiple browsers, and I've tried them all. Rather than emulating the browser, often inaccurately or taking a snapshot, gives me a virtual environment where I can choose the operating system, browser and version, with 100% accuracy. It's especially good, as I'm a Mac user, so no more dual booting. It's become an essential and massive time saving part of my tool kit. The developers are a great bunch of guys and always answer any questions I have promptly. If you're a web developer and care to support multiple browsers, is an essential tool.

Paul Mather

Sustainable By Design

I've used CrossBrowserTesting on the development of over a dozen client web sites, and it's the best browser testing service I've ever used. I can hardly believe how rapidly I can complete a testing regimen...I can typically test a web site on a dozen or two browsers in under 30 minutes, and it gives my clients confidence that their site will work perfectly for their customers. The service constantly evolves to include the latest browsers and mobile devices, as well as great new features like the Bookmarklet. I can't recommend CrossBrowserTesting highly enough!

Christopher Gronbeck

Tas Kyprianou Photography


And I don't often use capitals!

Up until a few days ago, Id been using IE Netrenderer and was sadly chasing my tail as unbeknown to me, it's results were misleading.

A Google search led me to your site and thought I'd start the free trial.
From problem to solution in one half a day.
Thank you so much.

Clear simple instructions and superb screenshots and live testing.
Peace of mind that my website works cross platform & cross browser.

Forever in your debt,

The Web Shop

The Cross Browser Testing tool is excellent, exactly what I have been looking for for ages!!

It’s great that it allows you to test a website on a full range of Operating Systems and Platforms including iPhones, iPads etc, all from a single PC/Mac… and without installing any complex virtualization software.

It is otherwise almost impossible to keep cross platform/browser compliant with the ever increasing amount of new technology on the market, at a time when we are getting more and more clients asking for compatibility of their websites with mobile devices.

The best thing about it is that, unlike most online browser test software, it’s not just a screen shot image, you can actually interact fully with the site, including drop down navigation tabs, feedback forms, javascripts etc etc.

Would recommend this for any web designers struggling with these issues.

Thank you!

Blair Thorne,
The Web Shop,
Perth Australia


We truly appreciate how the team continuously improves its product. The ability to select the browser and initial URL is a huge timesaver I didn't even know I needed. The feature makes our workflow much easier, which proves your group is as interested in using the tool as they are in developing it. Where other browser testing suites seem to operate only to generate revenue, you truly look to add value. Without your company, we could not support our clients efficiently, which would put us in a world of hurt.

Trevor Lettman
Owner + Lead Developer

Wikimedia Foundation has the largest set of browser VM configurations available on the market today, including iOS and Android, and is quickly becoming an essential part of Wikimedia's QA processes. The service is easy-to-use and the company is highly responsive to requests for help.
Erik Möller, VP of Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Foundation

Love the service. Best I've come across so far. I have mentioned it to others I know (not sure if it led to conversions but hope it did). I also found out that someone I know also uses it. Please keep up the good work!

Nick Owsley

Cobwebbery Limited

I used Cross Browser Testing to resolve an issue with one of my client who had problems with missing images. After a great deal of discussion and many email exchanges, I used CBT to prepare previews in a number of different (and esoteric) browsers proving that my work was sound. Wow! What a fantastic time saver - this service gets my vote every time!

Rae MacLeman

We recently underwent a massive site migration project and ensuring our new site layout and design was responsive across all properties and devices was absolutely critical towards our success. Unlike some other tools that we considered, CrossBrowserTesting was usable and intuitive, bringing some welcome ease to an otherwise complicated project.

Valerie Mohler
Operations & Customer Support,