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Manual & Exploratory Testing

Manual & Exploratory Testing

Find & document bugs on every browser, before your customers do.

Who It's Great For

Manual Testers

One of the greatest challenges for a manual tester today is having sufficient testing coverage of their website or application. Manual testers are now able to engage in high intensity manual or exploratory testing sessions across almost any device a customer or end user may have. Record videos of your entire session, take snapshots of bugs or defects, and easily share artifacts with the entire team.

Developers and Designers can use analytics platforms to hone in on the devices their customers are using and then make sure they build and test all business critical flows. Testing the things that are needed to hit revenue like sign-up forms, check out carts, and transactional systems allows them to feel confident as they release software to the public.

Start Testing 2050+ Browsers In Seconds

Spin up 2050+ different browser, device, OS, and resolution combinations in just seconds.

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Test On Real iOS and Android Devices

Interact, swipe, and explore your website on real devices, making sure your customers get the right experience.

Take Snapshots & Video Of Your Session

Make testing easy by recording sessions, focusing on actually finding bugs instead of documenting them.



Fix the bugs as fast as you can find them.

Who It's Great For


Edge case and multi platform bugs can now be fixed by replicating the environment right on the developer's machine.
We have advanced debugging and extensions to help developers build beautiful, functional websites for any browser or device. They'll have inspection tools and complete access to all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you'll need.

While debugging may not be required for a majority of testers doing manual testing, for test automation debugging is required for a stable testing suite. Application code will change and test code will inevitably break. More and more of the daily responsibilities of testers involve coding of some sort. Be sure that you can grab the right locators or objects on any environment.

Native CSS & JS Debugging Tools

Our browsers come with native and added debugging tools, like Firebug, so you can get down to the code level.

Record And Track Network Logs

Get full access to network waterfalls and performance logs to find exactly where that piece of JavaScript is hanging.

Play With Settings, Cookies, & More

For web applications, cookies and app state can be tricky to test on multiple environments. Delete cookies, opt out of certificates and more.

Test Automation

Test Automation

Bring your automation to the cloud and 10X your speed.

Who It's Great For

QA Engineers

Making the decision to bring your testing to the cloud comes with many advantages for QA engineers and managers. They can run multiple tests at once, cutting down testing time significantly with a parallel testing strategy that is only possible in the cloud. And most importantly, get world-class support for integrating all of your Selenium, Appium, and other frameworks in our real device cloud.

Running Selenium and Appium with our favorite languages was a blessing for developers who have been asked recently to take a larger role in the testing of their application. CrossBrowserTesting has easy integrations with Selenium, Appium, Protractor, Capybara, NightWatch.JS, and others — allowing you to get up and running quickly in our cloud without changing a lot of code.

Full Support For Selenium And Appium

Our testing grid in the cloud was built to run all of your Selenium and Appium test scripts with zero hassle.

See Automation Documentation

Parallel Testing Reduces Execution Time Instantly

Leverage the capabilities of the cloud by testing multiple devices and browsers at one time, cutting testing time in half.

Learn More About Parallel Testing

Secure, Reliable Testing Grid In The Cloud

Replace your in-house testing grid with an optimized, secure cloud grid. No longer worry about or maintain your testing infrastructure.

See Security Documentation
Automated Screenshots

Automated Screenshots

Visualize Layout & Responsive Issues On More Devices In Just Seconds.

Who It's Great For

Project Managers
Digital Marketers

While exploratory testing has grown in importance it is still not always easy to get a broad set of devices & browsers under a testing plan. With our Screenshot Engine, testers can see more of their application for visual verification across hundred of browsers at once.

There is no greater assurance of quality than seeing your website or application look correct on a screen with your own eyes. Now you can see all of your apps across hundreds of browsers with one glance — making sure every time you release a new project it has been visually verified.

Digital Marketing Teams and CMOs can have the assurance that their highly valuable web properties are performing on every device. Run landing pages and other page changes through our screenshot engine to ensure unmatched quality.

Quickly See Problematic Browsers

With just a scan, you'll be able to see hundreds of browsers at different resolutions for easy bug spotting.

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Automatically Run Scheduled Screenshots

With our intuitive API you can schedule screenshots to be run daily, weekly, or with code pushes via GitHub, Jenkins, or other integrations.

Read API Documentation

Run Visual Regression Tests Every Deployment

Pinpoint visual differences with our comparison engine. See your website side by side for powerful regression testing.

See Visual Comparisons


Continuous Testing Makes Continually Happy Customers.

Who It's Great For

QA Engineers

Make automated functional and visual testing a part of your workflow and start testing in your software delivery pipeline. Developers write an increasing amount of Unit and GUI tests that can be executed against our 2050+ browsers in the cloud.

Code is flying in from different developers, our CI builds are happening, but where is the testing? Don't worry, continuous testing is now simpler with CrossBrowserTesting's tight integration with the CI workflow.

Many organizations' testing departments have expanded to include QA Engineers and SDETs. More advanced testers can take advantage of simple recipes and workflows in our Github repository to test across more devices and browsers than ever before.

Stay Agile With Full CI Support

Take advantage of our testing platforms' automation, screenshots, and live testing capabilities — all via your CI server.

CI Integration Documentation

Trigger tests via your favorite frameworks

We have integrations with Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, and more CI tools so running tests in your workflow feels natural.

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Our intuitive REST API lets you stay in your workflow.

Use our REST API to run any tests against our platform directly from your command line.

REST API Documentation
Test Reporting

Test Reporting

Quickly Share All Your Test Reports & Artifacts.

Who It's Great For


Communication is at the heart of every great team, and testing and development teams are no exceptions. The more sharing that happens in the QA process, the more likely teams are to produce quality software that provides great user experiences.

Share Snapshots, Recordings, Network Traffic & More

CrossBrowserTesting makes it easy to share all your testing artifacts. Share screenshots, testing recordings, and more.

Integrate With Slack, HipChat, Email, & More

Share artifacts via Slack, HipChat, or email. Integrate with JIRA, and make tickets and bug reports without leaving our app.

Show off your testing work to stakeholders with a public link.

Each testing results page is available for sharing with a public link — easily share with stakeholders, devs, or designers.

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