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New Product Integration | Applitools Eyes

Thu, January 18th, 2018 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Aakrit Prasad
Aakrit Prasad, VP of Product Strategy & Growth, Applitools

Automated visual testing has become increasingly popular as testing teams try and keep up with dynamic, responsive web applications across a large selection of devices and browsers. And until now, automating visual testing has required complicated scripting or extensive manual labor. Join Aakrit Prasad from Applitools and Chase Cook from CrossBrowserTesting as they walk us through a ground-breaking, yet simple integration, that will take your visual testing to the next level.

Aakrit is presently VP of Product Strategy & Growth at Applitools, an A.I. solution for continuous testing & monitoring of user interfaces for enterprises to ship visually perfect products. Aakrit enjoys leading disruptive products, and has a decade of experience building and managing world-class software and teams.

In this session you'll learn:


  • What visual testing is
  • Why we want to automate it
  • How Applitools eases testing challenges
  • Live demo of integration


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