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Beyond the Public Device Cloud: Flexible, Secure, Customizable

Is your team currently hosting an internal device lab due to security requirements, a need for unique device models, high testing loads, or specialized testing needs? Or maybe you have adopted a public device cloud and found yourself reevaluating for many of the same reasons. Public device clouds are an excellent choice for many teams, but they are not the only option to alleviate the burden and downsides of an internal device lab.  

In this webinar, we’ll show you how flexible deployment options from BitBar mean that you can choose the ideal real mobile device cloud environment for your team. With cloud-side execution, support for all testing frameworks and the most deployment options, BitBar allows you to scale the testing of your native mobile application across a variety of real mobile devices, allowing you and your team to spend more time on testing – let us do the heavy lifting by maintaining a secure, scalable environment for you! 

You'll leave knowing:

  • Value of a Cloud Device Lab
  • Flexibility Scaled: Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Dedicated Devices
  • Customer Success Stories on the Private Cloud
  • Value & Demo of BitBar
  • Live Q&A

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