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Enhance Your Testing Strategy with CrossBrowserTesting & Zephyr

As software development has evolved over the past years, the ask from upper management has continuously been, "How can we speed up our testing?"  The answer? UI test automation. But as automation scales, the need for a test management solution to help with the organization of those test cases has become apparent.

The CrossBrowserTesting and Zephyr for Jira integration improves collaboration by allowing teams to manage all of their manual and automated tests from a central location. For each test execution, you can navigate to the respective Jira card to view whether the test has passed or failed, discover defects that may have come up, analyze pictures and videos of the test, and add any notes you may find valuable--all with a native Jira experience. 

Join SmartBear experts as we cover the power of CrossBrowserTesting & Zephyr.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Importance of Browser & Device Testing
  • Leveraging Test Management
  • Power of Both Working Together
  • Live Demonstration
  • Live Q&A with SmartBear Experts