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The Future of Testing Is Now – What That Means For Developers, DevOps & Testers

Testing has undergone a major shift in recent years, and as more teams push toward a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery process for writing and pushing code, the role of testing has evolved. One of the most significant changes is that testing is now happening early and throughout the process, with developers getting involved.  

With increased speed of innovation, improved efficiency at work that leads to happier dev ops and engineers, and higher quality code delivered to customers, testing throughout a CI/CD process is the future - and the future is now. 

Check out this upcoming webinar to see why and how developers should get involved in the testing process, and how cloud-based tools from SmartBear can deliver performance and efficiency at scale.

We’ll cover:

  • Why it benefits developers to get involved with testing 
  • How a CI/CD process leads to happier development teams and better code 
  • How SmartBear Tools Can Help
  • Live Demo & QA

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