Selenium Academy 301 Webinar
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Selenium Academy 301: Testing for Confidence

Hopefully you were able to attend our 2 previous Selenium Academy courses where we armed you with some tips and tricks when working with Selenium.  If you couldn’t attend, you can access the on-demand versions at the below links.

In our Selenium Academy 301 class, we will guide you through how to use selenium as a source of confidence when developing your web application.

There are multiple potential layers to effective testing, and we will show you how developers can integrate Selenium and CrossBrowserTesting into some popular model-based development patterns, as well as adding full confidence to your application testing.

What we’ll discuss:

  • Model based testing: Page Object Pattern
  • Model based testing: Screenplay Pattern
  • Low latency vs. High latency test feedback
  • Confidence levels - Model, DOM and Browser-based testing
  • Live Q&A with SmartBear Experts

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