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Test, Track, and Analyze: Scaling Test Automation Effectively in Agile

As you start or evolve your agile software development and CI/CD pipeline, you might be asking yourself, “how can we spend less time testing and more time building without sacrificing quality?” The key is an efficient and scalable testing process including automated UI tests to increase test coverage while reducing manual testing time and a test management solution to keep track of it all. 

By integrating Zephyr for Jira with CrossBrowserTesting and BitBar, you can get the widest testing coverage possible plus improved collaboration among your teams. For each test that you execute across hundreds of browsers and real mobile devices, you can navigate to the respective Jira card to view whether the test has passed or failed, discover defects that may have come up, analyze pictures and videos of the test, and add any notes you may find valuable. 

Join SmartBear experts as we cover the power of CrossBrowserTesting, BitBar & Zephyr for JIRA. 

We’ll cover:

  • Value of Cloud-Based Browser & Device Testing 
  • Leveraging Test Management 
  • Power of Both Working Together 
  • Live Demonstration 
  • Live Q&A with SmartBear Experts 

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