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Why it’s Never Been More Important to Test—and Deliver—Digital Excellence

Consumer demands for a flawless user experience, lightning-fast load times, and seamless transaction processing have never been higher, as market-leading providers of digital products and services strive to delight their customers in every online interaction. 

Why should software quality, across mobile devices and desktops, be a higher priority for every business right now? 

Because it’s never been easier for your customers to become those of your competition and delivering a poor user experience can negatively impact your market share and consumer trust. 

In this webinar, we’ll show how an opportunity to reach increasing numbers of consumers online comes with increased business risk that everyone in your organization needs to be aware of. You'll also learn how Fortune 500 leaders and startups alike use CrossBrowserTesting and BitBar’s cloud-based device farm to continuously test for user experience excellence on any browser or mobile device. 

You'll leave knowing:

  • How user expectations and behaviors are evolving
  • Current risks to your business and brand 
  • How testers can get management buy-in on the importance of software quality 
  • Where SmartBear tools can help protect user experience
  • Live Demo & QA

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