Safari Browser Testing and Emulator for Desktop and iOS
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Test Your Website On Real Safari Browsers.

Debug and QA on multiple versions of Safari including the newest version - without ever needing to download or upgrade.

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Test Your Website On Real Safari Browsers.

Apple Safari Browser

Apple Safari is Apple's proprietary browser on the MacOSX and iOS platforms and the default browser for devices such as the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Testing on Safari is often a challenge without a physical test device or a device lab - many testers choose to test these mobile devices in the cloud. Apple Safari is notable for being the first browser to block third party cookies by default. In Safari version 11 this option is shown as "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking", selected by dfault. We recommend testing against multiple Safari versions to ensure websites and web applications behave consistently with this setting selected.

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Get access to every version of Safari at all times

Never feel the hassle of buying, maintaining, or testing on your own device lab ever again. CrossBrowserTesting's cloud platform gives you access to the browsers and devices your customers are using, so you can run accurate automated, visual, and manual tests.

Remote Access

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Test the way you want, on the browsers you need.

Whether you are using our testing platform to debug a client's new website or replicate a customer's complaint — we can help you deliver a better digital experience.

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Secure Tunnel Technology

Secure Tunnel Technology

Test Safari Behind A Firewall, On A Staging Server, Or Locally.

Using our secure Local Tunnel connection test againt real Safari on MacOSX and iPhones / iPads in the cloud before you're ready for primetime. You can even test behind your company's firewall.

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