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Testing Toolkit:

Automating With Selenium

Looking to get started with Selenium?

This toolkit will give you a good understanding of how it works. And a few ways in which CrossBrowserTesting can help beyond that.

What's Selenium | Language Bindings | Webinar Resources | Content Resources | FAQ

What is Selenium?

It's an open source framework for automated testing of web applications. But It's more than just a free testing tool.

Selenium can do nearly anything a real user can, only faster. Which is what makes it great for testing.

No coding? No problem. CrossBrowerTesting can create tests faster than ever with Record & Replay.

We take the hassle out of
setting up a Selenium grid
Legacy Selenium Grid

The traditional way to run automated tests with virtual machines. While useful, it still requires significant maintenance as your coverage expands.

Selenium with CrossBrowserTesting

Swap out your Selenium Grid with CrossBrowserTesting. It seamlessly expands your test coverage and maintenance while we do the heavy lifting.

Prefer a language?

Then take your pick. Selenium works with all of them. If just getting started, we recommend Python, as it reads like English and is easier to understand. Read more on that here.

Let us help you write your first Selenium script

Start with the right foundation. Since Selenium takes time to learn, CrossBrowserTesting gives you the building blocks to get started with its Capabilities Configurator.

Webinar Resources

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The following webinars will give you a good overall understanding of what Selenum can do, and maybe even address some specific issues.

Selenium 101
Hands on UI Testing (Automation Panda)
Selenium 201
Headless Testing
Achieving Quality Without a Dedicated Test Team (Yesware)

Content Resources

Beyond video, we've got other ways to access the information you may be looking for. These cover topics that may come up as you dive deeper into Selenium.

Blog Post
Help Post

Automated Testing: FAQ