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Selenium Testing

Selenium Testing At The Speed & Scale You've Been Waiting For.
Run Your Tests In Parallel On 1500+ Browsers and Devices.

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Run Selenium, Mocha, Protractor, and other test frameworks in parallel against our reliable and secure cloud platform.

Ditch Your Selenium Grid For The Cloud

Our secure, reliable testing grid is Enterprise ready and can run tests against applications behind your firewall, or on your local machine.

Test In Parallel For Superior Speed

Run your tests in parallel to reduce your test execution time and push more features! Run hundreds of tests at once to cut hours of testing to minutes.

Test On Real Desktop, Android & iOS Browsers

Get fast, accurate feedback from your Selenium tests by testing on real desktop browsers, iOS devices, & Android devices.

Faster Selenium Automation

Run Your Entire Testing Suite In Minutes With The Power Of Parallel Testing.

With our optimized test infrastructure, you can seamleslly run all of your Selenium tests on real devices and browsers, at the same time with the same script. Run hundreds of tests at once to cut your test time down to a fraction of your current test execution saving you time and resources.

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Framework Ready

Get Testing Quickly By Using Your Favorite Frameworks.

Whether your team is running pure Selenium, WebDriver.IO, Protractor, NightwatchJS, or any other open source framework, you can be assured your tests will run reliably on our grid.

We are dedicated to integrating with the latest testing frameworks and CI/CD platforms so your tests are just plug and play.

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See our entire list of browsers for automation.

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